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HVAC maintenance services and repairs

We can help you reduce unexpected downtime of your HVAC system, while improving its reliability and efficiency. Our maintenance programs help you accomplish these goals because one of our biggest strengths at Air Changes is our ability to assess your system and effectively determine which are the necessary service routines that need to be implemented.

By utilizing advanced instrumentation and practices by our best-in-class experts, we can help facility managers and building owners meet their financial and performance objectives.

IAQ improvements

Multiple renowned studies* show that people spend 90% of their lives indoors. At Air Changes, creating healthier spaces and improving Indoor Air Quality is one of our priorities.

Helping you create spaces with clean air for building occupants is a great benefit, but it is not the only one. At Air Changes, we understand that better IAQ leads to improved cognitive performance of the occupants which can help you boost your organization’s productivity while taking action to improve occupant’s health.

Our IAQ services include full building assessments & recommendations that expand to the implementation of IAQ corrective measures & IAQ monitoring, leveraging IoT technologies that we use for visualization in the building as well as remotely.

Energy efficiency improvements

HVAC systems consume up to 60% of the total building’s electricity and following Air Changes Mechanical criteria to optimize operation routines and system’s performance, building owners can achieve significant savings in energy consumption and reduce the carbon footprint.

Our team specializes in data analytics to find trends that need improvement throughout the correct energy conservation measures. We then measure and verify the results achieved vs the original conditions encountered to substantiate the enhancement.

HVAC system retrofit and upgrades

At Air Changes Mechanical we can help you assess your HVAC system, providing you with detailed performance insights that help you make well-informed, data-based decisions about system retrofit & upgrades. We leverage our engineering experience to conduct comprehensive analyses of your HVAC system, which allows you to have a clear understanding of the impact that the retrofit & upgrade would have in your facility.

We work closely with our customers to calculate the resulting energy savings and reduction in operating costs, as well as the performance improvement that results from HVAC retrofit and upgrade projects executed with our approach.

Our retrofit & upgrades services are designed to provide you with alternatives that help you meet your goals.

Systems installations

At Air Changes Mechanical We understand that the proper installation of HVAC systems is just as important as the quality, reliability and efficiency of the equipment comprising the system. Deficient installation practices can result in poor system performance, premature failures, increased system downtime, and elevated lifecycle repair costs, even when using best-in-class equipment.

Leveraging our experience, coming from renowned HVAC manufacturers, high quality system installations are part of our DNA.

We are a licensed and insured company, and you can have peace of mind when trusting us with the installation of your commercial HVAC systems.


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